Who We Are

SPI is a global sales technology, training, and analytics company. We lead organizations into a new world of possibilities to improve sales effectiveness.

Developing and transforming sales teams by intuition is history. We create the new standard – based on facts and data – to drive results faster, with less risk and lower cost.

We help every sales professional maximize their potential and help leaders drive continuous, measurable improvement. SPI will show you how to develop and transform your sales organization in new, better ways – and provide the capabilities to achieve results.

Why We’re Here

Our obsession: discover new, better ways to drive mutual success
We have a burning desire to help our clients succeed and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Through innovative thinking, relentless persistence, and uncompromising fearlessness, we never stop finding better ways to drive mutual value and results with you.

Our legacy: create the new standard for sales effectiveness
We’re past the era of the sales guru and managing by intuition. In its place, SPI is changing the way companies develop and enable their sales talent forever through innovative thinking and superior technology. We bring deep experience and proven intellectual property, along with data science and analytics, to help you improve sales with greater certainty.

Our values: always think big and win-win – and never compromise our integrity
No client situation is too big for SPI. We prize bold ideas that create mutual success for both your organization and our company. Thinking small is easy, but it doesn’t fit at SPI. We think big, and we think win-win.

We also believe that to be truly successful, we must always be open and honest with our clients and co-workers. Honesty and integrity build trust, which allows us to think even bigger and accomplish much more together. We never compromise our honesty and integrity. Ever.

These traits define the character of SPI. They are immutable and part of our company’s DNA. They’re the lens through which we define ourselves and express SPI to our market, clients, and each other.