It is painful when you invest in sales training, and after the event - nothing changes!

Training events are an essential part of adopting a new sales process and methodology. But when initial training is not supported by ongoing learning and reinforcement:

  • 50% of trailing content is forgotten in 5 weeks
  • 86% of training content is forgotten in 16 weeks

Our Continual Learning Program (CLP) has been designed to drive sustainable results by providing a steady stream of continual learning and reinforcement for specific selling and management roles. A CLP subscription for your organization includes the following components:

  • Program Planning and Configuration Services – aligns tailored learning and reinforcement to your sales process and identified skills requirements
  • Unlimited access to the entire Solution Selling® Learning Library – provides open access to all learning courseware in all modalities
  • Scheduled and On-Demand Reinforcement – provides supporting sales process playbooks with links to reinforcement assets and provides scheduled reinforcement activities
  • Program Management and Administration – provides client-facing resources to monitor project success and ongoing administration assistance

By carefully staging ongoing learning and reinforcement, your organization realizes significantly higher “return on training,” including:

  • Improved learning retention and application
  • Unlimited access to all methodology content
  • Progress tracking of both learning and business outcomes
  • Scalable coaching through a rich array of manager or self-directed learning

High-Level View of the Continual Learning Program Components


Each CLP program incorporates a planned series of learning, review, and reinforcement activities for specific roles in your organization:

  • Knowledge Assessments – Determine current and ongoing best practices among learners to help identify area of emphasis and reinforcement
  • Initial Learning/Training – Deploy the appropriate learning content (intellectual property) and the most relevant learning modality – ILT, eLearning, mLearning, virtual or blended learning variations
  • Push Reinforcement – Follow-up with weekly questions and tips to ensure retention of knowledge
  • Sales Process Playbooks – Support initial learning and reinforcement with visual playbooks that drive learning in the context of everyday execution and just-in-time memory reactivation
  • Services Packages – Work with Program Managers to select the most effective service options to drive relevance, alignment, and reinforcement as appropriate across the life of the CLP subscription

Sales Training Program Catalog

Everything you need to know about our sales training program packaged conveniently in a single document.