One of the key challenges that pharmaceutical marketers face when launching a new product is ensuring product positioning is clear and differentiated. Lack of clarity is often the result of…

  • Sales and Marketing Leaders being misaligned (i.e. lack of collaboration, poorly executed strategy)
  • Inconsistent messages being delivered by sales reps

…while a lack of differentiation is usually attributed to:

  • Inability to leverage clinical data in consultative, clinical, patient-centered dialogue
  • Focus on listing product features/benefits instead of how they address specific patient and/or practice needs

The Launch Effectiveness solution is based on a targeted learning model, focusing on improving specific sales competencies that directly impact product positioning, brand messaging, promotion, and execution strategy. Life sciences organizations that implement our Launch Effectiveness solution should expect their sales reps to:

  • Deliver consistent brand messages as a result of Sales & Marketing alignment
  • Improve their ability to effectively position the value and differentiation of solutions
  • Effectively leverage clinical data in consultative, clinical, patient-centered dialogue
  • Gain access to and establish credibility with key decision-makers

High-Level View of the 3-Step Launch Effectiveness Solution

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  1. Sales Talent Audit – Identify/confirm the strategic sales competencies that drive YOUR organization’s business outcomes.
  2. Clinical Sales Foundation – Apply a repeatable, patient-focused, clinical sales methodology by leveraging the principles of EBM within a consultative dialogue.
  3. Solution Messaging – Uncover the true value and differentiation of your solutions and promote consistent messages using various media.