There is definitely a time when event-based training is needed and may provide the expected results. However, today’s dynamic healthcare market requires broader sales competency development that no single learning event can fully address. As unique healthcare systems and partnerships continue to emerge and various stakeholders become involved in the buying process, some of the key competencies that life sciences sales reps must develop to promote their relevance and add value are:

  • Engage in clinical, value-added, consultative conversations with multiple stakeholders
  • Articulate compelling value propositions for patient-centric, therapeutic, and educational solutions
  • Leverage a common, dynamic selling process to accommodate both short and increasingly longer sell cycles
  • Increase share of spend, revenue production, and customer satisfaction through effective management of account relationships

Honing these skills has proven for many of our clients to be effective in solving business challenges, such as:

  • Declining market share
  • Decreasing access to healthcare practitioners (HCPs)
  • Difficulty in positioning value and therapeutic solution differentiation
  • Leveraging the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) to sell effectively with clinical data while focusing the conversation on patient outcomes

The Healthcare Sales Alignment solution is based on a continuous learning model, helping organizations address the top sales competency deficiencies in as little as 6 months.

High-Level View of the Healthcare Sales Alignment Solutions

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  • Sales Talent Audit – Identify/confirm the strategic sales competencies that drive YOUR organization’s business outcomes.
  • Clinical Sales Foundation – Apply a repeatable, patient-focused, clinical sales methodology by leveraging the principles of EBM within a consultative dialogue.
  • Solution Messaging – Uncover the true value and differentiation of your solutions and promote consistent messages using various media.
  • Sales Process Alignment – Identify key stakeholders and their value drivers and leverage a common, dynamic sales process to navigate short and long sell cycles.
  • Account Management Foundation – Leverage account-specific information to evaluate the account, identify and prioritize opportunities, determine strategy, and defend the account.