It is painful when you invest in training, but your salespeople still struggle to apply new knowledge and skills in their daily work.

It is especially painful when your salespeople and sales managers give up and revert to their old habits.

SPI-Sales Process Playbooks

Behavior change is difficult to ensure, as sellers engage with buyers on real opportunities. SPI-Sales Process Playbooks help accelerate sales methodology and process adoption through focused and visual sales execution that are aligned with critical sales competencies.  Our technology guides sellers through each step of their sales processes, and provides convenient access to quick, just-in-time learning via integrated NanoLessons and easy to use SmartApps to enable effective sales execution.


Benefits to Sales Managers

Although SPI-Sales Process Playbooks provide considerable value to salespeople, sales managers also benefit. Organizations collecting information on sales activities, learning, and accounts in a standardized, systematic way create the opportunity to leverage that data to focus coaching time and resources.



Key Features

  • Playbooks
    • Configure an unlimited number of Playbooks to accommodate various selling or planning scenarios. Playbooks are highly configurable to support Process, SmartApps, Links to Learning, and other content/collateral.



  • SmartAlerts
    • Visualize issues within the pipeline or opportunities in real-time.  SmartAlerts show issues surrounding key areas of opportunity and pipeline weakness.SA1SA2


  • SmartApps
    • Intelligent, mobile SmartApps allow you to engage with the supporting tools, from anywhere.  See examples of “what good looks like,” learn, and build tools while on the go.



  • Visual Pipeline Management
    • Visualize your pipeline through various view that highlight the strengths and weakness – instantly coach to opportunities that are in trouble.VP1VP2VP3


  • Real-time CRM Integration
    • Connect to with our real-time, bi-directional integration.  Or, take advantage of our API to connect the application to other technology tools.RI1RI2
  • Mobile Sales Enablement 
    • Leverage the full power of your sales methodology, from anywhere and on any device. Access the full functionality of SPI-Sales Process Playbooks through native applications.spi-1_mobile_enablement
  • Multi-Language Compatible
    • SPI-Sales Process Playbooks is a multi-language compatible solution that can be used in any language, to meet the needs of the modern global sales team.spi-1_multi-language

In summary, SPI-Sales Process Playbooks:

  • Help salespeople quickly translate learning into effective sales execution
  • Provide focus and visibility on effective sales execution, aligned with critical sales competencies
  • Offer managers insight to actionable change


CRM Alignment Checklist

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