Discover and replicate the traits and behaviors that make your top people successful.

It is painful when you see some people in your sales organization succeed brilliantly, while others fail miserably. It is especially painful if you cannot leverage or replicate that success through your training and development efforts.

Our sales talent assessments will help you better understand the state of sales talent in your organization, enabling more precise and accurate decisions in hiring, onboarding, and development.

SPI offers two levels of sales talent assessment:

  • Sales Talent Audit – talent assessment based on a best-practices competency model, adapted to your organization’s roles and requirements
  • Sales Talent Optimization – an advanced analytics approach applied to your performance data to precisely identify which competencies impact specific business outcomes

Sales Talent Audit


In the Sales Talent Audit, we provide real-time dashboards and reporting that illustrate the level of alignment for “strategic competencies” – at the organization, team, and individual levels (partially depicted below).

assessment 1

The Sales Talent Audit dashboard (and associated reports) provide an immediate view into the current state of talent, and where knowledge and behavior gaps are present.  This provides data-driven insights into priorities for learning and development.

Sales Talent Optimization


SPI also offers a more advanced form of assessment – Sales Talent Optimization. In this scenario, we apply a unique (patented) analytics approach to assessment and customer-specific performance data. This approach allows organizations to pinpoint which competencies have the greatest impact on specific sales or business goals – and the level of proficiency for each (depicted below).

assessment 2


Using Assessment Data for Selection and Development

For both of these offerings, we use a proven, four-step approach that enables you to select better candidates for hiring, and more precise target learning and development efforts. This yields a larger and faster return on investment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Define “Good” – For each sales role, we work with your team to adapt a best practices competency model to define the standard of what “good” looks like for your organization.skyline
  2. Assess versus “Good” – We then assess individuals by role on your sales team against these competency models. At this point, we offer two levels of quantitative analysis. The Sales Talent Audit provides immediate feedback for knowledge and behavior levels against the competency standards defined for your organization.   The Sales Talent Optimization approach applies advanced analytics to customer specific data to determine which competencies impact selective business outcomes.
  3. Develop to “Good” – Once gaps in knowledge and skill have been identified, then we adapt learning and development plans at the role level to meet the priorities of your business. This focuses development investments on the competencies and abilities that matter most to your organization.Develop-to-Good
  4. Hire to “Good” – Finally, we help you hire better salespeople through sales role fit analysis of candidates.
Candidate Fit

The information uncovered about each individual through the assessment process helps recruiters to deliver better candidates. It also enables sales managers to ask more insightful interview questions and provides direction to effectively onboard, coach, and motivate new hires.

Our sales assessment and talent optimization programs will improve the new hire success rate, accelerate time to full productivity, and increase the ROI on training investment.

Sales Manager Competencies Checklist

Download this useful list of sales management competencies to help you identify your next winning sales manager.