It is painful when you have individuals with unique and diverse developmental needs, but can only provide generalized training.

Sales Training Program Development and Delivery

It is especially painful when you don’t have the resources to deliver and reinforce effective sales team training when and where you need it most.

As one of the world’s largest and most experienced sales training companies, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of proven sales methodology and skill development programs. This curriculum includes content for developing:

  • Solution Selling® process, methods, and skills
  • Sale funnel management
  • Opportunity and sales skill coaching
  • Strategic opportunity planning
  • Account planning and management
  • Territory planning
  • Channel partner management
  • Solution messaging
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Executive-level selling skills
  • Sales negotiations methods and skills
  • Sales business acumen
  • And many other methods and skills


The SPI sales training library includes hundreds of individual modules that can be arranged and configured to meet your team’s exact needs. Our learning consultants and instructional design team will work with you every step of the way.

Delivery Options

We have found that a blended approach to sales training and development usually works best, and so, we offer multiple delivery options. These options include:

  • Live instructor-led training (ILT) workshops
  • Virtual instructor-led (VILT) sessions
  • On-demand asynchronous eLearning (MicroLessons)
  • Bite-sized learning content, usually embedded in CRM (NanoLessons), typically delivered on mobile devices

Our certified instructors are passionate experts with at least 15 years of sales experience. All have “carried the bag” as frontline sales reps and led teams in sales management roles. They have walked in sellers’ shoes and know the pains and challenges they face each and every day. They are also trained to be gifted teachers and coaches who connect with their classes, motivate them to change, and build their confidence to succeed.

SPI also has certified instructors based all over the world, who are native to their regions and who understand the cultural nuances required to implement sales practices effectively in different countries. We provide global delivery in over 50 countries and in 14 languages.

The SPI learning experience is designed to be highly interactive, engaging and collaborative. Your sellers will be challenged every step of the way, and they will leave the training session ready, willing, and able to take on the world. We often hear from our training participants that it is the best professional development experience that they’ve ever had.

Sales Training Program Catalog

Everything you need to know about our sales training program packaged conveniently in a single document.