Take full control of your sales improvement initiative while accelerating development of your sales team’s learning, proficiency, professionalism, and performance.


It is painful to invest months of time and effort and hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of dollars on a sales performance improvement project, if that initiative doesn’t deliver the expected impact. It is especially painful when you are counting on that investment to drive the sales results that you need. Your professional reputation and credibility is at risk if the project doesn’t deliver.

Traditionally, most sales improvement initiatives have been event-based and fully dependent on sales management for reinforcement. Unfortunately, most of these projects provide little real-time insight into whether new desired sales behaviors are being adopted and mastered.

SPI-1 solves this problem by providing sales professionals with the learning reinforcement and enablement tools they need to sell effectively to buyers. SPI-1 also provides managers with complete and real-time visibility, giving them accurate insight and control to drive sales performance and behavior change.

SPI-1 provides a data-driven approach to continual improvement that allows sales organizations to identify and focus on key performance drivers. SPI-1 enables sales organizations to:

  • Define the most appropriate competency models (by role) for their organization
  • Identify gaps in critical sales competencies on an ongoing and continuous basis
  • Execute focused learning and behavioral activities, tailored to each individual seller
  • Support desired sales practices learning and behavior with guided selling technology
  • Monitor developmental progress and perform comparative analysis with up-to-date performance data

SPI-1 provides the ability to define tailored competency models for your team’s specific sales roles, and then continually assess the organization to identify the most important knowledge and behavioral gaps that are hindering the team’s results.


Assessment data provides insights into organizational learning requirements, which produce tailored development plans for each seller.  These plans include recommendations for macro-level training to address key aspects of your selling process and methodology, for micro-level eLearning to address specific competency gaps by role, and for nano-level content for in-the-field just-in-time reinforcement of sales practices in the field on mobile devices.


During group learning sessions, guided selling “playbooks” provide easy-to-understand visual navigation of sales opportunities.  In addition, these playbooks provide access to context-specific “NanoLearning” videos, as well as to Smart Apps that support execution of strategic competencies.


Now, for the first time, sales leaders can monitor and measure the direct impact of training and performance improvement initiatives on business outcomes and results – using the full visibility provided by the SPI-1 platform.

SPI-1 Platform

The SPI-1 Advantage

For Sales Leaders and Managers:

  • Quickly assess sales team quality and developmental needs
  • Execute sales strategy consistently across all selling teams
  • Save time and money, while reducing risk and enhancing agility

For Sales Practitioners:

  • Focus development on what matters most
  • Learn in small bites at their convenience, 24x7x365
  • Receive best practice guidance conveniently in CRM for better and easier sales execution

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