Too often, we see a marked apparent divergence between the core messages companies communicate about their solutions and the characteristics that buyers value most. As a result, your salespeople come across ill prepared in the eyes of executive-level buyers.


According to Forrester Research, executives rate salespeople low in their understanding of the executive’s specific business, their ability to relate to the executive’s roles and responsibilities, and their understanding of the executive’s issues and where they can help. We help our clients overcome this challenge by providing consistent, objective buyer research and win-loss reviews.


Our “Voice of the Buyer” research methodology consists of three steps:

  •  Step 1: Capture internal buyer perception
    • Interview select sales, marketing, service, and business leaders
    • Identify current practices, commonalities, challenges, and disconnects
  • Step 2: Capture the “Voice of the Buyer” (VoB)
    • Buyer interviews (wins, losses, strategic accounts, partners)
    • Identify buying triggers, sourcing and decision making processes, and key success factors
  • Step 3: Synthesize and validate findings
    • Draft buyer personas based on key players, roles, and pains
    • Draft buying process and narrative
    • Validate and refine buyer personae and process with client

The Voice of the Buyer research then feeds numerous applications across the buying cycle, including:



The end result is much better alignment across sales and marketing organizations with what matters most to the buyer. We will help you every step of the way, and provide objective external perspective to keep you buyer aligned. Your marketers will spend less time and money on resources and activities that have little impact, and create content that puts your salespeople in a position to be more successful.

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