In the book, The Solution-Centric Organization, Keith Eades and Robert Kear describe how product marketing teams can help sales representatives articulate value by conducting a customer-focused solution messaging exercise to develop Solution Messaging Tools. One example of a tool is the Solution Messaging Card. The card consists of the following components:

  • Customer Problem – a brief description of the problem, need, or opportunity being experienced by a specific physician/organization
  • Trend Relevance – key trends and issues in the marketplace that relate to the problem state of the customer, which illustrate its pertinence and importance
  • Cause of Problem – specific causal factors in the customer’s environment that are creating the problem situation
  • Problem Impact – specific clinical, operational, and/or financial impact of the problem on the patients or the practice – specifically, the bad things that happen if the problem is not addressed
  • Required Capabilities – capabilities required to address the specific causes of the problem
  • Clinical Evidence/Metrics/Proof of Value – clinical, operational, and/or financial data metrics that can be used to determine if the problem is being successfully addressed
  • Solution Linkage – how the proposed solution fulfills the capabilities required to address the problem or need
  • Differentiators – unique aspects of the product that provide an advantage for the patients and/or the practice
  • Case Studies – related case studies that demonstrate prior success in solving the problem

Once developed, the Solution Messaging Card, along with other tools can be placed in the representative’s sales playbook as a reference to ensure that their discussions are customer-centric and focused on the value that their solution can deliver. Additionally, the exercise provides Marketing with clear, aligned, differentiated, value-driven messages to use in the creation of sales collateral through launch and beyond. You can download our Solution Messaging Card template here.

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Free Solution Messaging Card

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